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SMILE Refractive Eye Surgery In Kolkata

It is the recommended procedure for spectacle removal as it is a quick procedure and heals fast.
Beyond PRK and LASIK, it is suitable for patients with dry eyes and contact lens intolerance. Your doctor will elaborate on this.

How SMILE Works?

SMILE eye surgery is a unique procedure that is flapless.The procedure involves a lenticule creation within intact cornea, SMILE Eye Surgery in Kolkata. In the second step a very small opening of about 2-3mm is made by the laser, through which the lenticule is taken out. Removing the lenticule changes the shape of corneaaccurately, thereby achieving refractive correction. Therefore the incidence of dry eye and other post-procedural effects aremuch reduced in case of SMILE as compared to Lasik. And hence the overall treatment is gentle and visual recovery is faster.


The benefits of SMILE laser eye procedure:

  • More people can be accepted for this type of treatment. SMILE is a more technologically advanced form of laser eye procedure, which means that more people are suitable for this treatment than with LASIK.
  • If you have been told your eyes are not suitable for LASIK, check again, they might be suitable for SMILE.
  • Quick procedure – Like other laser eye surgeries, SMILE is really quick. The total treatment time is around 20 minutes.
  • Speedy recovery – Patients can expect to recover quickly after SMILE procedure, and experience less discomfort compared with methods such as LASIK due to no flap being created in the cornea, smile eye surgery in kolkata.
  • Fast results – Following SMILE eye surgery, vision typically improves by 80% within the first few hours, and reaches maximum improvement within a few weeks, according to trials carried out across the UK, Germany, France and Denmark.
  • No dry eyes – You are much less likely to experience dry eyes after SMILE surgery than you would be with LASIK surgery, due to the fact that there's no flap to heal and no superficial corneal irregularities.

Who is suitable for SMILE treatment?
SMILE laser is suitable for a wider range of people. If you've been told you're unsuitable for another type of laser procedure, SMILE could be a good alternative.
For example, if any of the following circumstances apply to you, then you may find you are unsuitable for LASIK treatment, but SMILE could still be an option:

  • You have a thinner than average cornea
  • You have an intolerance to contact lenses
  • You have mild to moderate dry eyes

Who is eligible for smile surgery?

SMILE is used to correct near sightedness, astigmatismor both. You will first need to undergo a detailed eye examination to determine whether you are a suitable candidate, best hospital for smile eye surgery in Kolkata. The curvature and thickness of the cornea, the nature and degree of your refractive error are among the factors that play a role.

What are the various tests done before smile?

  • A detailed history is taken
  • Refractive error is assessed
  • Complete eye check-up including the retina
  • Intraocular pressure assessment
  • Corneal Topography
  • Corneal Thickness Assessment
  • Dry Eye Assessment

Tests are performed before the procedure and it may take about 2-3 hours for detailed assessment. 

How long does the procedure take?
While the laser correction itself takes only few seconds, the entire procedure may take about 10 minutes. 

How do I prepare?
We recommend that you switch to glasses a week before the laser, if you are using contact lens.  You are advised to refrain from applying makeup, lotions or perfume on the day of the procedure. We also suggest that you bring a familymember or a friend who can assist you.

Does smile operation hurt?
We use anaesthetic drops prior to the procedure. This makes it a virtually pain free procedure.

What happens after surgery?
Post-surgery, the counsellor will share instructions on eye drops and other precautions that are vital to prevent infection and assist in the healing process, best smile eye surgery treatment in Kolkata. It is recommended to have a post-op examination the next day and further examinations after a few weeks as advised by your doctor.

When can I return to my normal activities?
In most cases, vision is very good one or two days after the laser, and stabilizes within one week. While every healing process is different, normally you will be able to work, drive and play sports a few days postprocedure.

Is it the most advanced refractive surgery available for my eyes?
Yes,it is the cutting edge technology available for your eyes when you are considering a refractive procedure.

How safe is the treatment?
It is an extremely safe treatment.

Does the patient have to stay at the hospital?
No, the patient can go home immediately after the procedure. Things that irritate the eye should, however be avoided for 2-3 weeks. For instance, best smile eye surgery in Kolkata, in bright light one may need to wear sunglasses. The patient needs to instil eye drops for a few weeks after treatment.

Can I splash water into my eyes after SMILE?
Yes, it is safe to splash water into your eyes 2 days after SMILE procedure.

I have heard I can never rub my eyes afterlaser procedure. Is that so?
You can comfortably rub your eyes after a couple of days post SMILE unlike LASIK.

Can I swim after the procedure?
You can swim after 5 days post SMILE unlike LASIK where in you would have to wait for a month.

Can I play contact sports post SMILE?
Yes, you can play contact sports 5 days post SMILE unlike LASIK where you will have to wait for the flap to heal.

Can I wear coloured contact lens post SMILE?

Yes, you can wear coloured contact 7 days post SMILE.

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