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Trenetralaya, Kolkata Introduces SMILE - Laser Refractive Correction Surgery For The First Time In Eastern India

Kolkata, 26th August, 2022: Trenetralaya, Kolkata has introduced SMILE - Laser Refractive Correction Surgery, the latest Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved laser vision technology to get rid of glasses and contact lenses permanently, for the first time in Eastern India. It is a precise laser used to correct myopia and astigmatism and opens up windows for a spectacle - independent world for many. The technology was demonstrated by Dr. Partha Biswas, Medical Director, Trenetralaya, Kolkata today.

Small Incision Lenticule Extraction, popularly known as SMILE, is a state-of-the-art technology in laser refractive procedure that has some unique advantages which are as follows:

  • SMILE brings forth a spectacle free world for some of those who were denied LASIK earlier.
  • SMILE is a blade free procedure. A precise femtosecond laser is used for the refractive correction.
  • SMILE is a flapless procedure and hence all flap related complications are avoided.
  • The incision is only a 2-3 mm one compared to 20 mm in LASIK, thus better at maintaining the strength of cornea and reducing chances of ectasias.
  • Smaller incision results in more patient comfort and less dry eye.
  • Most importantly, SMILE provides faster recovery.

It is our pleasure to offer SMILE - Laser Refractive Correction Surgery to the people of Eastern India. The magic of glass free world is now available right it the heart of the city of joy at a very affordable price at Trenetralaya, Kolkata and one does not have to travel far and wide outside the boundaries of this state for the same. We have already performed surgeries successfully on a number of patients and they have resumed their normal duties from the next day”, said Dr. Partha Biswas, Medical Director, Trenetralaya, Kolkata.

SMILE is a tried, tested and safe technology and the person can bounce back to all daily activities including using laptops, tablets, mobile phone and contact sports or swimming from the next day. SMILE promises to revolutionize the eye treatment scenario in Eastern India.

About Trenetralaya, Kolkata:

Trenetralaya, Kolkata was founded in the year 1998 by MrsMonideepaBiswas and DrParthaBiswas. In the year 2021 it was expanded to a full-fledged eye hospital. Trenetralaya, Kolkata provides state-of-the-art multiple eye care facilities to its patients with a motto of providing the best infrastructure, equipment, and service to the task. The institution is the first to introduce SMILE Laser eye surgery for the first time in Eastern India.



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