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The Laser Cataract Surgery or Robotic Cataract Surgery with the CATALYS FemtoSecond Laser Cataract System from Johnson & Johnson at Trenetralaya is a state-of-art Laser system to deliver the best possible clinical outcomes with reliability,repeatability & outstanding results for the patients.

  • Laser Precision Procedure
  • High Degrees of Safety
  • Tailor Made to Suits the Cataract
  • Faster Surgery &Rapid Visual Recovery
  • Walk-In/Walk-Out Procedure
  • Minimal Post-Operative Restrictions
  • No Stitch. No Injection
  • Cutting Edge Technology
  • Back to Normal in 2 Days

The Femtosecond laser provides the cutting-edge technology to cataract surgery at Trenetralaya. This state-of-the-art Robotic Cataract Surgery or Laser Cataract Surgery with the CATALYS Femto Cataract System is personally customized as per the patient's cataract & its condition. Femto Laser technology ensures treatment with the highest level of precision. This particulartechnology gives an advantage in all grades of cataracts.

It provides additional benefit and safety in certain specific cataract conditions such as Hard Cataract, Posterior Polar Cataract, Subluxated Cataract.

The Femto Laser System allows the surgeon to personalise the incisions based on the patients' unique ocular anatomy for outstanding precise outcomes.


Your Problem, Our Solutions

Red Eye

Red or bloodshot eyes are caused by sudden rupture of the superficial blood vessels in the eye. They are not so much of concern, however if you have pain, watering, discharge…then it's a serious medical concern for which you should consult the eye doctor.

Sudden Loss of Vision

Sudden loss of vision is caused by ocular trauma, blockage of blood flow to the retina(venous or arterial occlusion) or separation of the retina from its normal position( Retinal Detachment). You should consult the Ophthalmologist immediately in such cases for the best outcome.

Get Rid of Glasses

If you have been wearing glasses for long and want to get rid of the fogging that is obscuring your vision due to wearing of mask, then you have varied options to be without glasses. You need a few tests beforehand for which you have to consult your Ophthalmologist.