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Asu Biswas Kanika Biswas Foundation"for it is in giving that we receive"




Mrs. Kanika Biswas


In remembrance and the desire to perpetuate the memory of their parents, the founders of Trenetralaya created a public welfare
and charitable trust - ASU BISWAS KANIKA BISWAS FOUNDATION on 16th September, 2015.

The two most purest of souls who lived in simplicity believed that helping each other in big way or small is what brings happiness
and the smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intentions.

ASU BISWAS KANIKA BISWAS Foundation throughout the year does charitable work,
organizing Free Out-reach Programs as well as performing Free Eye Surgeries for poor people to
contribute to the nationwide drive to eradicate the Avoidable Blindness from our society.

All that we behold is full of Blessings

Captivating Moments at Trenetralaya

Free Eye Camp
Conducted for the Elderly at NAVANIR OLD AGE HOME

Your Problem, Our Solutions

Red Eye

Red or bloodshot eyes are caused by sudden rupture of the superficial blood vessels in the eye. They are not so much of concern, however if you have pain, watering, discharge…then it's a serious medical concern for which you should consult the eye doctor.

Sudden Loss of Vision

Sudden loss of vision is caused by ocular trauma, blockage of blood flow to the retina(venous or arterial occlusion) or separation of the retina from its normal position( Retinal Detachment). You should consult the Ophthalmologist immediately in such cases for the best outcome.

Get Rid of Glasses

If you have been wearing glasses for long and want to get rid of the fogging that is obscuring your vision due to wearing of mask, then you have varied options to be without glasses. You need a few tests beforehand for which you have to consult your Ophthalmologist.